Single Page Website for £99

Single Page Website for £99

Your Website will be optimized both for Desktops and Mobile view.

Single Page Website for £99

Do you just want to reserve a domain name? And don’t want to have a complex website right now? Than this is the perfect solution for you. We will program you a Single Page Website which will still have enough information about you and your business to show your clients or friends. Having a Single Page Website is much better than having a web page showing some horrible “coming soon” cartoons.
Following are the functions available on our Single Page Website.
It will contain any information you want to show on it. For example any information about you or your company, address, phone number etc. one Photo or image of your choice and your logo. (If you provide it to us).
Our Single Page Website is not really a one page website but it is a complete Homepage. We will also provide you a second page for absolutely free. It will be your contact form. Whenever some visitor of your Single Page Website fill out this form and send it, information provided by the visitor will be sent directly to your email address. We will take care of Spammers and try to make it difficult for them to hack this form and send you Spam emails. A javascript based cookie notice is included in that price too.

To get your Single Page bespoke design quality website done within 5 - 10 working days, please contact us or Order It Now

Single Page Website for £99

Why Choose Us?

Price Guarantee

We will never ask you for more money then asked at the beginning of the contract. The only reason why price can change is a change in the contract. For example, you ask us for more functions or more pages etc.

Is there anyone who is using Single Page Website

Yes there are many companies who don’t have much content to show are using our Single Page Website solution

Single Page Websites are widely used by companies because all the important information they want to show the customer will be directly available on that page. Customer can reach desired information without scrolling or going from page to page.

Please Note
Single Page Website will normally not scroll down on a desktop. If there is a little bit more information provided by the client, we still can make some exception ☺

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