Shirdi Sai Baba – An extraordinary Healer

Sai Baba of Shiridi, is vastly revered and worshipped world-wide admirably is an ideal, grand non secular grasp of your entire Universe. He’s the embodiment of the Supreme actuality bearing actual traits of being omnipresent, omniscient, indefinable and all-powerful.

Sai baba, an incredible mystic, who’s devoid of egoic-consciousness and duality is also referred to as Siddha Maha Guru. Siddhaguru conveys, all these above talked about attributes of Sai Baba are usually not merely compliments however reasonably, He proved them with distinctive miracles.

Usually, the importance of God, Mom, Father, the Righteousness and the Vedas is thought to everybody. However, fairly seldom, the magnificence of an Enlightened Grasp is acknowledged.

The underlying motive is, being unaware of the truth that a Grasp is all the time dedicated in direction of His disciples, by accepting and experiencing their destined grief.

One would possibly query that, how a divine grasp who’s past all the things, can endure ache and possess duty.

As a solution to this, I point out that there are two forms of relationships between a Guru and a Disciple. First one is the standard standardized Guru-Disciple relation the place, the Guru teaches sure non secular practices, clarifies doubts, provides a mantra to recite and many others., upon the service rendered by a disciple. These form of Gurus despite being educated, could have no reference to the hardship, loss, wishes, ill-health or the demise of the disciples, as they haven’t any such energy to induce any impact.

Quite the opposite, second kind is the guru-disciple relationship, the place, along with revealing the actual philosophy and preaching non secular practices, guru places the hardships, loss, grief of His disciple on himself, considerably and endures extreme oppressions for his or her sake.

Shiridi Sai Baba is such eminent grasp who has suffered lots throughout His lifetime, simply to safeguard His numerous devotees and disciples. Listed here are a couple of incidences, the place upon witnessing them, one would perceive, how disciples of Sai Baba received fulfilled with their wishes, gained liberation from their grief and in what approach, He interfered of their deaths and even stood in the way in which of their predestined go to to hell.

The three cases :

First occasion is the expertise of a devotee named Gajanan Narvekar. In 1917, Narvekar approached Sai Baba to scale back his fever and chills, upon the suggestion of a buddy. As a way to effectuate the request, when Sai Baba requested for a donation of ₹ 500/-, Narvekar received subjected to disbelief and left the premises, pondering he may deal with his illness in a hospital for a lot lesser worth. However, his situation worsened additional and no remedy may save him from reaching the demise mattress.

Devastated, Narvekar ordered his son to current the pre talked about quantity to Sai Baba, regretting his prior suspicion. A wondrous miracle was noticed quickly after receiving the cash, Sai Baba skilled the identical chills and fever, relieving Narvekar from the deadly illness.

Providing cash to a divine grasp is definitely presenting one’s dangerous advantage and misfortune. It’s a identified indisputable fact that the Gods ask for advantage earlier than bestowing their grace onto a devotee. However, a divine grasp showers His celestial grace regardless of of the absence of advantage in a disciple, in the event that they exhibit divine love.

Second exemplary is the expertise of a Mom and daughter whereby Sai Baba commanded even demise. As soon as, there was a extreme pandemic of cholera which led in lots of deaths. To the dismay of the above talked about duo, the daughter received affected by cholera illness. So in concern, they resorted to Sai Baba in her rescue.

Consequently, obeying the order of Sai Baba, each of them superior to “Saate Vaada”, and rested on a mat till they had been summoned. Each of them sincerely surrendered to the phrases of Shri Sai, leading to her safety from demise as a result of illness. Quickly after, once they had been known as to go to Sai Baba, Cholera deity too accompanied them with an intention to take the woman’s life.

On severe reprimand by Sai Baba, the Goddess left the positioning in fright. Within the yr 1911, there was an analogous case within the lifetime of Nandu Marvadi during which, Sai Baba protected him from the cholera illness merely by His Will.

In each the above instances, an unwavering religion, abiding to the Guru’s orders and full submission to Guru, works wonders, as these assist in altering one’s ordained distress, on this case, the Demise itself.

The Will of Sai Baba is invariably efficient and completely never-failing. That is why, the prime intention behind the pronouncement of all of the Shastras to supply providers to the grasp, worship Him unconditionally, sacrifice all the things for Him and loving Him always is as a result of, in each stage of life, a disciple will probably be blessed with the cooperation and charm of the Guru.

Anybody who commits a sinful act should compensate within the hell, is a well-known truth. Fascinatingly, this isn’t the case for individuals who dwell exceptionally for Guru and exhibit express love on Him.

  1. The third occasion is the expertise of Purandhare, the place the identical is manifested, completely. After 14 years of the Mahasamadhi(option to consciously exit from a present lifetime) of Sai Baba, in 1932, Purandhare previous his demise was blessed with an amazingly astonishing expertise. Two days previous to his expiry, Purandhare had a imaginative and prescient during which he noticed two Yamadutas( messengers of lord of Hell), who’ve come to take his life. On the identical instantaneous, Sai Baba appeared close to his mattress and ordered the messengers to depart directly, saving Purandhare from the dreadful episode of Hell.

This elucidates that an Enlightened Grasp won’t solely resolve their future births but additionally would save them from the horrific ordeal of hell by bestowing them the lifetime of ease.


In an individual’s lifetime, there will probably be many hardships, sufferings, troubles, accidents and disasters however the divine grasp is all the time on a glance out to safeguard solely these disciples, who really are dedicated in His service with unaltered divine love. A few of different experiences of devotees painting Sai Baba as their savior from disasters, misfortune, poverty, infertility, visible impairment, dreadful illnesses, consequence of a sinful acts and lots of extra. Sai Baba who’s such outstanding Avadhuta, but is all the time additional eager to safe each disciple from hurt illustrates His everlasting love, duty and compassion which is kind of comment

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