Performance Dissonance


Efficiency Dissonance

Bruce Wilson, PhD

“The ultimate knowledge of life requires not the annulment of incongruity however the achievement of serenity inside and above it.”- Rienhold Nieburh

Are you performing in your proper thoughts? The 2 hemispheres of our mind have very disparate features. The left hemisphere of our mind may be very cognitive. It controls our speech, comprehension, numerical expertise, and writing. The fitting hemisphere controls our creativity, spatial capacity, and inventive and musical expertise. To some extent these incongruent features are all the time at play in any efficiency we undertake. Maybe this at the least partially explains a few of our most embarrassing efficiency gaffes.

The fluidity of our efficiency, regardless of how distinctive, relies on the cross-brain integration of our two hemispheres. There’ll all the time be current an unravelling of some cognitive and a few spatial expertise integrated in time and in situ to yield a profitable efficiency.

Take into account the final time you had an unexplainable breakdown in your efficiency. It might have been a spatial demand that was unmet since you had been in your head an excessive amount of. Or, it might have been a cognitive processing demand that was challenged and never met. Extremely regarded musical performers have confessed to at instances demonstrating anomalies of atonality that appear to come back from nowhere.

“Life is a desert of shifting sand dunes. Unpredictable. Erratic. Concord modifications into dissonance, the speedy outlives the profound, esoteric turns into cliched. And, vice versa.”- Ella Leya

Dissonance is often referenced to be about cognitive dissonance. Nonetheless, dissonance can theoretically be any lack of synchronicity or concord; any lack of settlement between or inside folks or issues. So, why not efficiency dissonance? Certainly, we will see detriments to efficiency as being associated to some type of dissonance or incongruity within the performer. We even say, “I used to be out of sync.” Or, in a crew setting, “we weren’t on the identical web page.” Repetitious phrases like these are likely to substantiate the purported actuality of an idea of efficiency dissonance. So, how will we attain consonance?

“Allow us to gentle our lantern: in textbook language, dissonance is a component of transition, a posh or interval of tones that isn’t full in itself and that should be resolved to the ear’s satisfaction into excellent consonance.”

Igor Stravinsky

Though Stravinsky is speaking about music, he may have simply been speaking about an accountant, or an athlete, or a chef, or a dentist. The ear might be depicted as a form of metaphor for the cross-brain integration that both helps or denies one’s efficiency. After we stick with an instance of our ears one solely wants to think about how “white noise” can intrude with our capacity to concentrate on the duty. Ask any skilled golfer about extraneous noises whereas in the course of their backswing. Dissonance melts down efficiency like a warmth wave within the Arctic. Consonance inside efficiency evolves if and provided that our cross-brain integration processes refine and ultimately get rid of dissonance.



Dr. Bruce Wilson is a psychologist in personal apply at Thoughts Well being Care, Geelong, Australia. He has 25 years of expertise and enjoys sharing his ramblings with pals and colleagues.




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